Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fibery Stuff - Dyeing

I decided to try some dyeing a different way. I modifed one of the Twisted Sisters' methods a little and instead of steaming in a turkey roaster I simply laid the Corriedale wool roving on the roaster rack and poured on the dyes. The rack was high enough so that the roving didn't sit in any liquid. I put it in the oven at 250 degrees uncovered for 20 minutes and got some nice colors I think. I love the oranges combined with the blue. Can't ya tell from previous projects? And that's also because those colors are 60% of what I have in stock. I love Gaywool dyes because they already have the mordant and are in crystal form. The colors are muted which is fine because I didn't feel like vibrant colors. I was able to dye 6 ounces comfortably with this method. The last photo is a pic of the roving drying next to the wood stove.I am going to spin this into some fine yarn for socks.