Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fibery Stuff- Huge Needles

I got some fun comments on my humongeous size 50 "speed stix" knitting needles when I was at our spinning group meeting the other day. To make a long story short, I couldn't find the colors I wanted for an afghan at Joanne Fabrics or even online. It was either backordered or unavailable. So when I was shopping in Walmart for other things I had to pass thru' the wool isle of course and there they were...all of the items I needed, AND I saved 20 bucks to boot. I actually wanted the navy blue but they didn't have enough skeins and I figured at those prices the greyish is fine. I love the color but already have a very similar color walking around in the barnyard! This is also the first wool I have ever purchased, having always used my own stuff or raw purchased wool. Since I would never finish an afghan on smaller needles I decided these biggies are for me. And we need blankets for the new cabin I go.

It does knit up quickly. Unfortunatley you really can't see the pattern because it is smooshed on the needles but it's nice I think. The wool is 20% merino and soft and lush.