Sunday, February 25, 2007

Finally the Grey Roving is All Spun into Yarn!

I have finally finished spinning about 6 pounds of grey roving. It's only taken two years! Originally the last pound or so was to be used for mittens for a friend's husband. I never got the measurements and he has huge hands so I gave up asking and decided to make the vest for me instead! So here it is almost done. It was waiting for the last 6 ounces to be spun up and made into yarn so off I go. The question will be, should I sell this girl's fleece next year or keep it? It will be a shade lighter I think as she gets lighter every year.

I still have a lot of white to spin and charcoal (see the white and dark boriwn roving below). A few ounces of 50/50 mohair/wool and some fine, very dark brown roving that will be awesome for socks and any against the skin garments.