Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's a TV!

So Dan and Tom went to buy an LCD TV for Dan's Xbox. Dan had earned the money and this is what he wanted. But he couldn't find what he wanted so they came home with this!!! 42 inch LCD TV.

We have wanted a big TV for a long about 10 years. The price was right at Sam's. So of course the thing is a mini money pit. You have to get the HDMI cables (comes with component cables, not as good) and the optical audio for our surround sound system. We also got the DVR (digital video recorder)from RR and man is that great! I figured...what's the point in having ultra gorgeous HDTV if you can't record in the same quality. So of course now...our DVDs are lesser quality than the HDTV transmissions.! The Discovery theater HDTV channel is UNBELIEVABLE. So is baseball and basketball. Wow.

The VCR is out of the picture now. Dinosaur....