Thursday, February 01, 2007

Knitting in the Round is Better

As I switched from garter to stockinette, I was reminded why I prefer knitting in the round. I hate to pearl. But I want to knit a vest already! As one of my son's said, "mom, you've started three vests and have never finished one". T'is fact I frogged a UFO vest the other day. It was some of my first handspun and wasn't great. Soooo I saw a vest at "In Stitches" in Manlius, hanging on the rack that I liked and the pattern was available so, off I go. I am determined to finish this one. The other thing about straight needle garments is seaming. YUK! I don't have the patience for it but I guess I will develop it shortly.

The other pic is Dan laughing at the cat who is attacking Rascal's tail. What a hoot.