Friday, February 02, 2007

Spitzer's NY Budget

I haven't seen any details yet but Eliott Spitzer's new budget proposal looks good in some areas. I especially like the propery tax reductions. Without them, NY is doomed. Increased school aid, yes...good. Much needed especially in rural areas. But tax breaks for private school goers? HUH? WHY? I already pay to have them bussed to school. Now I am going to fund their education as well? Encouraging kids to attend private schools takes much needed school aid away from the public schools and I have not seen any evidence that private schools are any better. In fact several people I know that have sent their kids to a few of them have told me as much.

Did anyone hear Bushwhackers radio address the other day? He was talking about Cheney and said that he was a half glass full kinda guy. HALF GLASS FULL? WHAT!? That man has to be one of the dumbest guys on the planet and yet he is our president. Wow.