Saturday, March 10, 2007

In Case You Thought Bird Flu Had Gone Away

It hasn't. My brother inlaw who is an infectious disease doc says to have at least three weeks supply of food in the house.
Bird flu has been recently found in cats that lived near poultry! Weehee. OTOH I recently read that this strain has been around for so long that it would have mutated to a human to human transmisible form by now. There is probably more chance of a new strain of something or other to become the next epidemic than the bird flu. In any case, the three weeks supply of food etc is always a good idea. Pick up a few cans each time you shop.

Headlines in the last day: South Korea records seventh outbreak; Bird Flu Strikes Hanoi, Over 1,000 Chickens Culled; Bird flu erupts in Vietnam south; total 5 provinces infected; Bird flu found in 6 more areas of Afghanistan; Laos teenager dies from bird flu; Indonesian Villagers Hide Birds And Spread Flu; Myanmar takes preventive measures against bird flu; Southern China is epicenter of bird flu, U.S. researchers find; Suspicious bird flu deaths in Tehran's Pardisan Park; World experts in Kuwait as more bird flu cases detected; Dubai plans bird flu blood tests at airport -- Report: plan to make 80,000 passengers arriving daily pass through temperature scanners; Ulster tourist tested for killer flu.