Sunday, March 11, 2007

Vest is Done and Blocking

I definitely need some tutoring in sewing seams. The knit stitch seams are almost invisible but the garter seam is not. I am also not in love with the shoulder seaming. But all in all I am pretty pleased with the overall look and fit of my first vest. And finally, after two years, that roving from Bramble is all spun up! This year her fleece will probably be a little lighter. I don't think I will keep the entire fleece this time, maybe a pound or two, becasue the entire fleece is just too much for me at my rate of spinning. Speaking of spinning, I dove into Patricia's fleece yesterday. Her fleece is so fine it's almost as fine as merino! I am going to have to experiment with dyeing her yarn as I get tired of very dark brown fleece. I am not sure what dyes will actually change such a dark color.