Thursday, May 31, 2007

Farm Activities

For some reason my lettuce is growing very slowly. I planted the seeds ages ago and the past two weeks there has been some activity but I don't remember not having lettuce for salads by this time of year. The cabbage is taking off nicely and my 5 gallon bucket tomato has 6 tomatoes already! I was determined this year to have edible tomatoes by the end of June and by golly I think I truly will. I got the 5 gallon bucket idea from Lowes believe it or not. I brought it in at night and only put it out on warm days in April. I used to try and sneak tomato plants into the garden in May and cover them on frosty nights but the tomatoes just stood there and sulked so I just waited 'till after Memorial Day to plant the other two plants in the garden. I also have two zucchinis, lots of cukes, and a few herbs scattered around the place in pots and in the garden. I couldn't find red lettuce seeds this year and I really loved that lettuce last year...and it was so pretty.

The sheep are out on pasture. Check out the new white little ram among his future mates.