Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shopping Cart Software

If you sell products in today's fast paced online world you need shopping cart software to make life easier for both you and your customers. Ashop Commerce provides an affordable ecommerce software solution for your selling requirements. Winner of the "My Business Award" in 2006 their service is integrated with all the major banks and third party credit card services as well as the ever popular Paypal. The big thing that kept me away from using a shopping cart was the complicated process of building an online store in addition to the huge expense. It was also being administered by someone else! With Ashop Commerce, you can use their easy, intuitive web based administration page to set up your online store and you are the person in charge. Your customers will enjoy the ease of using your shopping cart to buy your products. You are also getting full service with complete technical support, and to make you feel more comfortable before your purchase you can check out their testimonials page and read what some happy customers have to say. You can also take the software out for test drive.