Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vlaad the Infected Kitty

So our beloved cat Vlaad has become an indoor kitty ($$$). Cat litter, very expensive urinary tract food that we can onmly get from the vet and antibiotics are the new reality here. This is his second UTI in less than a month and it may be because he is eating the generic food we feed the two cats in the barn. I am sure he is helping himself to that plate too when he is out. So he is now confined to the house. If this doesn't work he gets to have distilled water and thus the dog will too. I hope that doesn't happen. Daniel is charged with cleaning the box which is in the boy's bathroom. It was pretty funny when we initially trained Vladd to the box. It had a door that swings either way. Vlaad didn't know what to do and stayed "trapped" in the box so we removed the door. And becasue he is on 15 days of pills he gets to come on vacation to the cabin with us. Oh joy! Dan is happy anyway.