Friday, September 07, 2007

Amazing Luck of the Irish

I've blogged about the cabin a lot recently and I wanted to tell the story about how we found it. Last August we spent our 2nd year vacationing at Indian Head Point, in Black Lake. This is about a two and a half hour drive north of here in St Lawrence County, near Canada. I was attracted to this place because the cabins were nicely spaced and somewhat private and the view was spectacular. We had also recently bought an old boat and were able to have dock space. Our kids were thrilled because the owners had kids about the same age as ours. This year we decided to somewhat seriously look for our own place on the water there. We saw a few very highly priced cabins and were not impressed. In the course of our week there we met a lovely couple who did not have a boat, and you really cannot get a sense of the place without checking the lake out by boat. So we took them and their dog for a tour. We decided to go back to a lovely bay that Tom and I had discovered when looking for the mouth of the Indian River the day before. We had said at the time how wonderful it would be if there was a place for sale in this bay, but alas, there wasn't. As we entered the bay the next day with our tourists we immediately saw a modest cabin with a for sale sign out front! We could not believe our eyes and proceeded to write down the phone number. Our guests were excited to be apart of our adventure. On our way back we called the realtor and viewed the cabin a few hours later. It had only been on the market a few hours when we found it! We made an offer that night. Then of course the next order of business was finding mortgage loans. We ended up going with the same bank that we use for our primary residence because they had the best rates.
I think it was meant to be because we never knew the bay existed in the first place, and had we not met the couple a few cabins away, we probably wouldn't have gone back as it was the last day of our vacation!

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