Friday, September 07, 2007

Requested Photo of Angora Bunny Skein

Some folks at the Rabbits United Forum asked me to post some pics of my rabbit and some of the spun rabbit fiber. There are rabbit pics dotted throughout this blog but later, I will take a few more as I have to go and brush him anyway. I lost the comb I was using and just received another one so he is very overdue for a grooming. There really is, in my humble opinion, only one comb to use for shedding fiber bunnies. It looks like an ordinary grooming comb but has rotating teeth and that is the key. It is gentler on the rabbit and seems to remove a lot more hair than other types of grooming tools. The skein pictured here is about two ounces of two ply angora. It is dense and oh so soft. You really can't appreciate this stuff without actually holding it. It is soooo yummy. I have used it to line a headband that you see here. I haven't knit anything else with it because I am waiting for inspiration for another project. Any ideas from you readers would be greatly appreciated. It should certainly be an against the skin garment but probably sheds too much for baby clothing? The box contains the raw fiber. I spin it right from the rabbit and wash the skein after it is plied.

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