Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This week's featured sheep is Amelia, one year old daughter of Apulia. This gal has the softest fleece of any sheep I've ever owned. She has a mix of bloodlines with the most prominent being Romney and Rambouillet with perhaps a smidge of Corriedale. Can you tell I am not the best record keeper? I have carded and combed her lovely very dark brown, fleece and have spun a lovely yarn with it. It spins like butter and knits nicely. I am not sure what items I will knit with it. She was a bottle baby so she is very tame. And maybe because she barely nursed as a lamb she would be seen stealing milk from her mother who was nursing this year's lambs! I've never seen any sheep other than a lamb nurse! It was hilarious to see this large sheep kneel down and try to steal a snack.

Pictured above, is her fleece in the raw stage, right off her back. You can see the bleached, lighter areas from the sun.

Here you see some washed fleece in a basket ready to card or comb. Again you can see the light brown bleached areas.

Pictured here is a bump of combed roving. The lighter areas are blended in and unnoticeable.

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