Sunday, September 30, 2007


This is my first time growing cabbage. I didn't know that the leaves started out straight and didn't start to curl until much later. I thought I had defective cabbage! Here is it, my first one with the outside leaves given to nature's green garbage disposals below . So the only vegetable garden harvest this year is tomatoes, cabbage and rhubarb. I gave up on the rest with this crazy weather pretty much killing everything else. Even my herbs didn't do that well. What's up with that. My garden has never been so overgown with weeds. It's really quite sad, but I am not alone. I don't know anyone around here who had a good garden this year. My only success was the tomato in a bucket!

Here is a very large pumpkin with two baby pumpkins, to get into the spirit of October. My cabbage is there too.
The kids are too old for trick or treating this year. Hoorah...I almost always freeze to death every year!

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