Friday, September 07, 2007

Cabin Bathroom Updating

As regular readers to this blog already know, our cabin on the lake is an ongoing project, as we attempt to update the furnishings and appliances. One area that could use attention is the bathroom. Taps in the kitchen and the bathroom are as old as the cabin, and that’s 45 years old. I am not much of an interior decorator so I like to get ideas from the web and this site has some very interesting bathrooms and furnishings. Some of the shower stalls, for example, are very futuristic looking, yet functional. Shower stalls with seats, mirrors, radios and internal lighting are my favorite. One can dream right? I especially appreciate the seats with my broken ankle. I could have used a stall like that since showering was very difficult in the first few weeks. And as my husband and I get older, seats are really a very attractive idea. Perhaps the shower in our bathroom at home deserves another look! As I perused the site, I saw some pretty cool looking waterfall taps. I never heard of such a thing. Check them out at: Taps4Less.