Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Got Spyware?

Believe it or not my trusty Firefox is under attack by spyware that I cannot remove. Sometimes the site I am on gets hijacked right after it loads and I end up with page not found and the Megaclick page. Around the same time this started to happen I noticed my browser constantly reloading, making it impossible to use for that site and so I would switch to IE but that is inconvenient as all my toolbars and favs are on Firefox. I was running Adaware and Spybot twice a day and even rebooting and running them both again but this didn’t get rid of the culprit. Now I have come across tough to remove spyware apps before, and having been a computer tech at the local school for three years in a previous life, I was pretty crafty at sniffing out stubborn viruses and spyware. But this one had me stumped. So I Googled and found what to do but it looks like I need to buy Spyware Doctor and then go through a whole host of other things after that.. During all this I received an issue of Consumer Reports that rated Anti-spyware programs and was surprised to find that my two trusty program weren’t very highly rated at all. Believe it or not Windows Defender had a decent review and was rated higher than both. So I downloaded that. I also downloaded a full featured 15 day trial of Sunbelt’s Counterspy.

Here’s the list from CU:

Trend Micro

Sunbelt Software

F Secure McAfee



PC Tools





Trend Micro was the best for detection, Adaware (Lavasoft) was the worst!

Sunbelt came out on top in other reviews I found around the web but it looks like Trend Micro AntiSpyware is the best. Unfortunately it’s part of a larger security pack.

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