Tuesday, September 18, 2007

He Wants to Golf

My rocker son Daniel has decided that he wants to golf. This really came out of left field the other day. He, along with some friends wanted to hit some balls. He asked me if I had any clubs and as a matter of fact I did. They aren't Ping Golf clubs but they will do. Tom also has a set that he can use. Heck Tom and I haven't golfed in ages. Oddly enough I thought golf would be such a boring sport but it turned out to be a relaxing way to spend an afternoon after work, back in the day when I had a desk job. There was one thing I always thought a little incongruous about golf, and that was the exercise you didn't get because you drove around in a golf cart! Believe it or not in this little town, we have a 9 hole course and a driving range, complete with tiny club house.

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