Friday, September 28, 2007

Online Craft Club is Here

Since I finished the hat earlier this week and posted it here I decided for today's:

I would to show off a pair of mittens I made for my youngest son. Even though the air isn't crisp yet, it will be soon enough!

The wool is homegrown, homespun, white Corriedale, dyed a teal color with Gaywool dye, and the black stripe is the natural color from one of my dark sheep. The mittens are very soft but not suitable for snowball fights, my son tells me, as the snow sticks to the mittens, causing a delayed snowball release which in turn leads to him getting zonked on the noggin!

Sadly my kids are getting past the point where they will wear home made hats and mittens, as they just aren't high tech and cool enough.

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