Monday, October 01, 2007

Sheep Stampede!

We generally change pastures once every two weeks or so. It all depends on the number of sheep, the weather, the quality of the pasture and so on. The lead man...or boy in this case.......runs ahead with a bucket of grain and the dog, follows up the rear. Not your typical sheep dog is he? Actually he just sort of fell into the position and has been known to head off a straying sheep on occasion. In this video however, he came upon the scene a little late after the move was pretty much complete. You can also see that the sheep came towards me at first.

The photo shows one of my boys and his friend moving the portable home made leanto, to the next pasture. We bring that, the water buckets and the water troughs to the next pasture.

And here the lads are replacing a ripped jacket with another. Logistically, the jackets are a pain, because they need to be sown when ripped, need to be changed as the sheep fleece grows or the sheep grows, but it's worth it when you see the fleeces!

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