Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cabbage Put to Good Use

Remember that cabbage I showed you a little while ago? My first crop? I made it into coleslaw today. I am very particular about the taste of coleslaw and don't like most slaws that I have tasted. I do like my mother-in-law's tho'. So today I called her for the recipe. It's so simple. In my case I had a small head of cabbage, added 2 tablespoons of wine vinegar, a little sugar and Hellman's mayonnaise...enough to make the mixture sticky. Don't forget to use the food processor for the cabbage first! I didn't add carrots because the recipe doesn't call for it.
It was very good if I don't say so myself!
I still have several heads of cabbage left so if anybody has some good, quick recipes for their use, please drop me a comment. A friend of mine mentioned stir frying the leaves in soy sauce with some carrots and mushrooms. That sounds pretty good. Anybody else?

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