Saturday, October 27, 2007

Car Woes and Ravelry

So we have 120,000 miles on our 1999 Nissan Sentra. It's Tom's commuter car and has served us well with only a windshield wiper motor being replaced, an O2 sensor and the usual maintenance items such as brakes, rotors and tires. We are getting a code again though. P1491, which isn't listed in the code lists but the forums say it could be the other bank of O2 sensors or the catalytic converter. Now we do most of own work which saves a significant amount of money. We have access to a lift and own our own air tools. They aren't Ingersoll Rand air tools, but they do the job. Now even if we do the catalytic converter ourselves, the stupid thing costs about 600 bucks! So the following question presents itself. If it's the converter, do we say no and thus goodbye to the Sentra and drive it until it dies or do we put the money into it knowing that the car can't have too much more life? Also the code meaning is kind of vague so we aren't really sure what it is. According to the forums, some people just keep on driving because the cars always have high mileage and they figure they may as well just keep on driving. We have two other vehicles so it isn't a total disaster if the car goes belly up.

In other news, I finally got around to adding projects to Ravelry. What fun! And another major time stealer. I had no idea that when you add a project from a pattern that exists online or in a book, you are instantly linked to everyone else that used the same pattern! I love that aspect of it. So while I was loading up photos and details I saw that you can upload your yarn stash as well. I have tons more to do but I am getting there. I uploaded the stash info of purchased or gift yarn and now I just need to upload the photos. I have a pretty small stash of purchased/gift yarn but I started with that. I took a group pic since I had it all together.