Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Craft Club #8

These are a few years old but I wanted to show them off now the the cold weather is starting to arrive and we have finally started a fire in the stove on the 26th of October! These thrummed mittens were made from my sheep's wool and spun into a 2 ply yarn and a standard mitten pattern was followed with the exception of adding thrums every 4th stitch, every 4 rows. The thrums are white alpaca roving broken into 4 inch lengths about a half inch wide. You wrap each thrum around the needle once before you knit the stitch and then pull tight when you move onto the next stitch. These are, without a doubt, THE WARMEST hand coverings I have ever owned. I made them because when I am sitting on the snow blower, blowing our 600 foot long driveway free of snow, I freeze, because all I am doing is sitting. My hands always get very cold and start to hurt. These are my solution. I wear a pair of outer shells to keep the wind and snow off of them. They work great! I found the pattern somewhere on the internet.

I have to make another pair before the winter sets in but I have yet to spin the wool up so I better get going. Meanwhile my puppet still languishes and the baby pullover keeps it from being lonely!

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