Friday, October 26, 2007

We Are Eco-Friendly

I've stumbled a lot of sites lately, many of which were, I was glad to see, related to the environment and eco-friendly practices. We are recyclers and composters. We have a big composting container by a trail out back and we have a smaller "bin" in the kitchen. It is Mike's job to empty the kitchen container into the larger container when it's full. Because we have opted to take our garbage to the dump rather than have a private company do it, this decrease in garbage helps the bill stay low. Our county also requires that you recycle all paper, plastic and newspaper separately. It's also an environmentally sound practice to recylce and compost. On the days when I clean out the fridge Mike wishes we had a utility cart to carry all the stuff out! Having leftovers that need to be thrown out is NOT however a sound practice, so we have to work on that.

Yesterday I mentioned that our plake (as my mom calls it) rose a foot. We found the culprit. The inlet pipe had a pile of sediment and sludge stuck in the elbow, so we jarred it free with a snake. We were very relieved that was all it was. We will now make sure to snake the pipe at least once a year. It had never been done. The contraption around the pipe is to prevent beavers from plugging it up. It is usually covered with a big flat piece of blue stone.

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