Friday, October 26, 2007

Last 4 Legged Yarn Intros

This is the last one folks ... at least until the lambs come in a few months.

This is Patricia, or as she is more fondly known, Tricia. She is very friendly and a great mother to her lambs. Her fleece is not unlike Lamby's and is basically a darker charcoal. She wouldn't let me sample her fleece today because I think she thought I was going to worm her or something. But I can tell you that it has a nice tight crimp, is super soft and takes dye well for a very subtle heather effect. But to be honest her wool is lovely as is. Her fleece is also tending towards the finer side, spinning up into a nice fine and elastic yarn. She is three years old and has had two crops of lambs. She is a Romney Corriedale cross.

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