Thursday, October 18, 2007

Meet Lamby

Lamby is my 2nd oldest sheep. Notice the gray spot on her nose? She is getting old. Her mom was the gal that gave me the ever popular silver/gray wool. Lamb's fleece is doing exactly what her mom's fleece did, turning slowly silver. This is a picture of her fleece from a few years ago. She won't stand for me today so I couldn't take a shot of her fleece under the jacket and all of her fleece that was here is sold or believe it or not, spun and knit up and given as gifts. I can't find a speck of her wool anywhere.

When I was a little girl, I had a stuffed black lamb named Lamby. That is where the name comes from for this gal. Not original by any means I know, but that's the story.

Lamby is mostly half Romney, half Correidale and she has won many prizes at many local fleece and sheep shows. The fleece has a nice handle, good crimp, and is very soft. When you dye this fleece you get heathering due to the silver and lighter shades in the fleece. Makes for an interesting garment.

My market research has shown me that the majority of spinners love the heathered wool and that sells out before the others. But the funny thing is at some sheep shows, judges will penalize you for the lighter colored strands. Go figure! It was always my best seller and I told the judge that one year and it made no difference. He was surly a meat sheep person.

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