Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Blog Today's Gizmos!

What? Another one you say? Well it's another subject that is dear to my heart. I've always been a gadget lover so why not have fun with a blog? It's called Today's Gizmos and I guess people are enjoying it because I've had almost 1,000 visitors since it's first day on Sunday and today I have 250 plus already! I have to point out the potato peeler because I went from an avid avoider to a prolific peeler because of this design. I highly recommend this peeler to anyone that peels potatoes. Thanks mom for telling me about it!

My blog is a little different than the run of the mill gadget blog because it caters to women. The blog description reads: "Gizmos and gadgets that make the world an easier and more fun place for women to be. No techspeak here, and no bikinis."

Please stop by and drop a comment too to tell me what you think.

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