Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Secret Pal 11, 1st Package

When the UPs guy arrived I couldn't think of what I had ordered. So it was a great surprise when I got my first SP11 package. And oh what goodies inside!
There was a dark chocolate raisin and pecan bar, and we all know now that dark chocolate is very good for you! There were two awesome little "Containits" with nifty little compartments to store the tiny things that knitters invariably have and lose; a cute sheep magnet list pad; a bar of herbal and garden soap, 4 skeins of cotton yarn in lovely colors with beautiful patterns for dish cloths, and soap sacks; and my sp's favorite spinach recipe. What neat stuff! And last but definitely not least, a tote for all my current projects which will be perfect for the trips to the cabin and for taking out on the boat. It has all kinds of little pockets and a needle compartment, so it really is going to come in handy. I had been using a gear bag or plain tote and everything got jumbled up and I had to constantly dig for stuff.
I have been thoroughly spoiled! Thanks Secret pal!