Friday, November 09, 2007

Craft Club Stuff

I missed last week's club. I just didn't have anything to show and this week I am not doing much better, but it's the thought that counts right? We were supposed to have a steeking workshop of sorts this weekend but something came up and we are postponing and so I had an excuse not to start my swatch for the get together! Ugh. Here is the yarn that I thought I would use to make the teddy bear outfit. (They grey stuff is some of my first home spun. The brown is my walnut dyed Corriedale. The sheep tape measure is just too cute so I left him there in the photo!)

I even went so far as to cast on and then thought....hmmm...this yarn is pretty thick. Will the sewing machine needle even go through it? Thinking that I don't want a broken machine needle, I figured I better rethink the choice of yarn. I decided to go with this cotton which should be perfect.
I don't have a teddy bear (unless I can find that NY Mets teddy that we used to have) but I have this monkey which should suffice! Isn't he adorable?

Meanwhile I am spinning up the dark brown fiber to make those thrummed mittens.