Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How to save Money on Postage

Postage costs are yet another way we are having our incomes squeezed. Has anyone noticed how much it costs to ship a package these days? It's pretty costly. For years I have been shipping my fleeces out to customers in boxes. A few years ago, a lady from Canada was very interested in my gray fleece, but shipping to Canada was horrendously expensive. She came up with the idea of using grain bags in place of boxes to cut down on weight. The more something weighs, the more it costs to ship so it was a clever idea. The grain bags also cut down on size so it's a win win situation. I simply pack the fleece into a plastic bag, squeeze out all the air and create a vacuum. The fleece is effectively shrink wrapped. Then I place it in the plastic grain bag, fold over the edges, tape it with packing tape and voila! One smaller and lighter package than a boxed version. I grab a sharpie and write the address, and it's ready to go. You can apply this bag idea to any item I imagine. You could also use dog and cat food bags if you don't have an endless supply of sheep food bags.