Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tis the Season

But not the season you think I am referring to. I mean the season of knocked down and ripped apart mailboxes. The plow can be over zealous at times, to put it kindly. One day we came home from a few days of winter vacation to find our mailbox gone. That was quite a shock because I know it had mail in it. We had to find it, I needed that mail! Eventually we discovered it buried under a pile of deep snow. I was relieved. But mailboxes aren't cheap to replace. Now we have entertained the idea all kinds of contraptions to avoid a repeat of this episode. We've had several near misses and a few bent and mangled mailboxes. Some of the area residents have comical avoidance techniques employed such as pull down boxes that sit 20 feet above the road or boxes suspended on a chain (that doesn't appear to work as he has a new box every year). Suffice it to say we have stuck with the old mailbox. Spending money on something like those fancy cbu mailboxes makes no sense, because if it fails, we are out of pocket a tidy little sum. So we keep our fingers crossed this coming winter season.

And speaking of winter, so far no appreciable snow yet. I say yay, the kids say nay. They want to ski and snowboard.

Our neighbor up the road just sent this, see comment. Can you tell he's an engineer?