Friday, November 02, 2007

Look What Came in the Mail!

I was intrigued by the free jewelry ad on Kat's site so I decided to order a piece and see for myself. For only the cost of shipping, $4.95, I received a lovely sterling silver pendant. The quality of this piece was actually much better than the necklaces my son has bought for girlfriends in the past at Target and Walmart and for much more. In fact the last necklace he bought had to be returned because it broke a few hours after his girlfriend had put it on. Check out the pics below and please ignore the lint on my collar! This one will go to his new girlfriend this year for Christmas. It comes in a cute little gauze pouch. You can order a piece for free too by clicking on the little icon below this post or on the sidebar to the left.
What's the catch you ask? Well there is none. The people at the Silver Jewelry Club hope that you will order more expensive jewelry from them later when you see the quality of the free pieces. These free pieces are worth between $40 and $80 and the gem stones are real!
Check out some more pics over at kat's.

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