Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pillow Talk

Because my knitting attention span is so short, I like to knit small projects. That's why I love hat and sock projects. A few years ago I decided to try a pillow, a seemingly small project. It also gave me a chance to try a new technique called Entrelac that at the time was pretty complicated for me to follow. But I used some scrap wool and began knitting. As you can see I didn't get very far (see below, sample of Entrelac technique on a bed of washed Corriedale wool).

It then dawned on me that if i did finish, I didn't know how to stuff the pillow. What did people use? I thought about using washed but not yet carded wool or even even carded wool. I actually didn't know that you could buy pillow forms. I figured people stuffed them. Just goes to show you that essentially I am not a crafty sort of gal. I am curious though. Has anyone stuffed one with anything else rather than using an actual insert pillow?

Anyway now that we have the cabin, it calls out for throw decorative pillows, so I looked at a few sites and these feather pillow inserts and feather pillow forms caught my eye. I LOVE feather anything, jackets, pillows whatever. I love my feather pillow at home so much I bring it up to the cabin with me. This site supplies neck rolls (good for my car rides up north), bolsters, circles, rectangles and squares all with different fill choices. They ship free in the US too. Do I need another project now? No, but it's always fun to have something new waiting in the wings. And speaking of projects, it's time to get back to one of my five UFO's!