Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Plenty of Fuel to Burn

We are about half way into getting 2009's wood supply put up to season. This time a friend of Mike's helped with the splitting chores. Yes he willingly volunteered! The boys went nearby and loaded large pieces of wood into the truck and then dumped them here in front of the splitter. Dan was happy to miss this work detail for a change as he was up in Syracuse with a friend getting some new picks and strings for his guitar. The weather has been very helpful for any outdoor activities that need doing as we still have no snow on the ground.

The shed photo below shows what happens when boys don't pay attention to their stacking style.

OOOPS! Looks like a little avalanche. Fortunately it's only the first two rows.
For anyone interested, we use about 15 cords of wood a burning season.

Do you burn wood?