Friday, November 30, 2007

Sadly the Last Package

My secret pal has been spoiling me again, but alas this is the last package. I received a bunch of goodies again and it seems as tho' each package has surpassed the last one. Inside the box was a bar of dark chocolate with currents and hazelnuts, and it is sinfully good. The dark chocolate is to die for and of course we all have heard the medical news touting the excellent health benefits derived from dark chocolate! So I can indulge without guilt! On the fiber side of things I received my first ever yarn that contains silk! It is a luscious blend of wool and silk and the colorway is lovely and one I have never worked with before. This yarn came with a very pretty pattern for a lace scarf. My pal obviously did her research well because she knew I very much enjoyed the last lace scarf I knit. Interestingly enough the skeins of the silk/wool blend have the same feel as my white skein of angora below.

They have a similar density with the silk obviously being a little more slippery than the angora. There were 2 skeins of lovely sock yarn because you can never have enough of this stuff. Two flavors of fancy hot chocolate, and a box of raspberry tea which I had with some fresh baked scones (yes scones again!) this afternoon. I now have a lovely set of kitty note cards and two small bags of coffee, one regular and one decaf, french vanilla and caramel truffle flavors. I also have a small pad of sticky L's and a travel tube of Curel hand cream. Now I ask you..... did she (who is soon to be revealed) spoil me rotten?