Saturday, November 03, 2007

Spam Cell Phone Calls On the Way, What You Can Do.

Next week cell phone carriers will be giving your phone numbers to telemarketers and you will start getting sales calls just like you did on your regular land line phone! Go here to pull your number off the list :

Another hot topic is the price of gas. Don't even get me started on that situation but you can make the blow a little easier by getting a Hess card. You get 10% off for 90 days. That's A LOT. Then after that you get 5% BUT make sure you pay off the balance ON TIME and every month as the interest rates are higher than general credit cards. Thanks to the gals that work for Tom for telling him about that card. I was using a Quikfill card where I got 5 cents a gallon off with 10 cents off on Tuesdays but they have ONE pump and the musical cars that often ensured was irritating. Plus the Hess deal is much better.