Saturday, November 03, 2007

Stack Horizontally

Now here's a novel approach. Stackable containers that stack sideways. We do not have a basement and as a result suffer from severe basement envy, especially with all of our hobbies and the ensuing paraphernalia that goes with them. I do have a good size walk-in closet thought, but I don't like the way my shoes are hanging on an organizer over the inside of the door. I could see using these shoe organizer containers under the bed where there is space. And my mother has hundreds of pairs of shoes. If she wants to grab a pair out of a box and it happens to be the box on the bottom, she’s going to have a fun time unstacking and restacking the boxes. Then she’s got to do it all over again to put them back! These containers, because they stack sideways, will allow the removal of any container without displacing the others. And I can see lots of other uses for these boxes. Why limit using these boxes for just shoes? What about all my yarn and fiber projects? Mike’s art supplies? Daniel’s stacks of crap knick-knacks, animal medications and barn supplies? These boxes seem like a great solution for tidiness and easy access.