Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Venison. It's What's For Dinner, Deer

A friend of Tom's shot a deer with his bow and gave us the meet. We love deer and always have a freezer full. It's low fat, hormone and drug free and very tasty. It is a large staple of our diet. When we brought the deer home from the butcher we all chipped in with packaging and labeling the bags. We packaged enough of each item for a diner for 4 people. Then Tom took a bunch of steaks, sliced them into thin strips, marinated them in our favorite marinade and then loaded up the food dehydrator. Twenty four hours later we have some delicious jerky. I don't care for jerky that you buy in the store at all, but the stuff that we make here is delicious! And it's a low sodium, low fat snack, unlike the store bought stuff.

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