Monday, December 10, 2007

Efficient Freezer Storage Tips

We have two big freezers in the garage but it still isn't enough for all our meats and so forth so I came up with a way to maximize the storage space that is available to us. The key is in how you package and freeze the meat.

Whenever possible, divide the meats into family sized portions. In the case of chops and hamburger meat and any other suitably shaped meats, place each portion flat in a ziplock bag. For hamburger type meats, place about a one pound lump in the bag, flatten with your hand and seal. Do not stack these pieces. This serves two purposes. It decreases the defrosting time and allows you to neatly stack meat on your freezer shelves in tidy columns. No more tumbling packages and gaping holes of wasted space. Simple and very effective. This will also allow your freezer to be work more efficiently as well and you will save a few dollars.

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