Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Desktop, A Geeky Meme

I was tagged for an easy meme over at SewingMom. I generally don't do memes but this one is easy and to be honest I am curious what Carla's and The Junk Drawer's desktops look like. Is that geekish or what? I had to clean up my desktop though before it was suitable for public consumption. It was a mess. And speaking of feeling geeky, I think my router is going on the fritz. I am considering a wireless lynksis router. I will stay wired and so will Dan what with XBOX360 and all but Mike is saving for a laptop and we just can't have anymore wires snaking through the house. I may upgrade to Cat5E as well. What brand of wireless routers do you guys have (those of you that have them)? Do you find a significant degradation in speed? Linksys is supposed to be the best but my current router is a Linksys and is on the way out after only a few years.

My wallpaper is our view from our cabin at Black Lake, which is seriously calling to me right now.