Friday, December 21, 2007


Today is an exciting day for us since the boys' band is playing their first gig. The school holds a yearly event called "Winterfest", where they play games and have competitions all afternoon. There is an air band competition followed by a real band. Initially just our guys were supposed to play for entertainment. When another band found about my boys' band they decided to enter their band and make it into a Battle of the Bands, complete with teacher and student judges. My guys weren't happy about it and there has been a lot of pre-battle banter, much of it not not nice, initiated by the the other side. This is too bad, but kids will be kids I guess. Last night they practiced one more time in between printing up t-shirts with the band name and logo. These are the various photos of that activity. I think they came out pretty well. The plan is to have some hot chics throw them out into the crowd after the performance! Future marketing gurus?

Here they are trying to get back to practice among the shirts while they dry. Notice Mike's foot attire. Barn boots, just right for a metal rocker! Well hey they ARE black!