Monday, November 12, 2007

Dan Jams on His Guitar

Check out my boy. He's getting pretty good. This is a piece from Lamb of God, his favorite group. I am not particularly fond of this group and their name does not conjure up this type of music either! Dan insisted I end up with a shot of his Crate stack. He ended up sending the fist cabinet back because when the second one arrived it was a different model. He also exchanged the amp. I like this amp better because it has flashing lights, LOL. It took two months to get this stuff sorted out. Dan takes all three pieces down the stairs and into the garage or to a friend's every Saturday. They are HEAVY. Mike's bass amp is tiny in comparison, but that's also pretty heavy. Stay tuned for videos of Mike and his bass at a later date and eventually videos of the whole band when they are polished.

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