Thursday, January 17, 2008

Do You Like Your Internet Service?

I have to say I am pleased with mine. We used to have DSL which was adequate but then Time Warner was spotted in town and I pounced on them. I was tired of brushing the snow off the 10 foot dish, but I have to admit I wasn't tired of the price. We ended up getting rid of our dish and getting both our cable TV and internet service from them. Now they are offering phone service but I am hesitant to add that because they have no backup and we have no cell service. I was surprised when I got this months Consumer Reports, to see that Time Warner is rated pretty poorly. My connection is fast but the whole package is expensive at $120/month. This includes some HD channels, Showtime and the DVR.

The best of the bunch for internet are listed below in order of ratings:

Verizon FiOS, Wow, Cincinnati Bell, Bright House Cox, Verizon, Earthlink, Insight, Quest, AT&T, Cablevision and Frontier. Time Warner was 13th.

For TV: Verizon FiOS, Wow, DirecTV, Dish Network, Bright House, Cox Insight, Cable One, Cablevision, RCN and Time Warner.

A summary of the 3 combined services:

Verison FiOS, Buht House, Qwest/DirecTV, Cox, Verizon/Direct TV, AT&T/Dish Network, Cablevision, Time Warner, Comcast, Charter.

What do you you guys have and how do you like it?

I'd show you the results of my speed test but my son is playing XBOX 360 and hogging half of my bandwidth!