Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It Felt Like the Top of the World

I was out doing a few inspections today and I needed to access a camp in what felt like the remote wilds of Chenango County. In actual fact it wasn't too far from our house and it wasn't really all that remote. I discovered a small air strip and a Cessna in it's hangar, several hawks and a lot of turkeys. Even though the sign on the hangar says 1,730 feet it sure seemed a lot higher. Thank goodness for four wheel drive too! It was a pretty steep hill in places and it was quite snowy. When I get tired of the snow and cold and some of the issues of small town life, I am always reminded why I want to be here when I go for a drive like this. It is truly beautiful. Even driving to Norwich for groceries is always a pleasure. And the best part of it is that there are rarely more than a few cars on the road until I get to Norwich. That's my first traffic light too, 16 miles away.

A flock of turkeys out in the corn field looking for food. Here are two of them.