Monday, January 14, 2008

Kids Recording Their Original Song

The kids wrote a song. It's good! I like it. They tried to record a drum track and then lay guitar over it. They used their laptop, a decent audio program (name I have forgotten) and draped the mic over the overhead door track. Once the drum track was done they did the next layer but there was a delay in the recording. Anyone know anything about this stuff? Jeff?

Notice they ARE wearing hearing protection!

Sonny laying down the drum track. That's me peaking in the door....

Checking out the computer and the recording...

Dan playing his Strat

Mike playing his Ibinez

By the way, I hate my camera's flash. It washes everything out unless you are far away and then you get specks for spaces so what's the point? I bet there is an adjustment on it somewhere. Anyone got a Canon Powershot A95 5MP?