Friday, January 11, 2008

Pseudo Hair Wash

Kathy over at the Junk Drawer has been showing amusing pictures of herself when she was a teen. I though that recounting silly things we did as teens would be fun too. I would be very interested in hearing your stories. I remember, oh about thirty years ago (yes I am dating myself here), when I was in my late teens, needing to go out suddenly and realizing that my hair needed to be washed. Back in those days it would get a tad greasy between washings and I guess that’s normal at that age because both of my teens have the same problem. So I heard or read someone talking about sprinkling some ordinary talcum powder on their head and massaging it in, in lieu of a shampoo. This was a quick way you could have passable hair in an emergency. Well I can't believe it took this long for someone to actually come up with a dry shampoo. I mean they have had this stuff for dogs and
even horses for years, so what took so long? In this day and age, we have whole industries devoted to gadgets and food items that save time. It’s big business. Back when I was a teen, having a bottle of Salon Grafix Dry Shampoo would have come in very handy although I have to admit, the powder worked great!