Thursday, January 10, 2008

They Don't Teach That in Driving School

As I've said before our driveway is about 600 feet long. When we have snow and changing temperatures and melting, our driveway turns into 600 feet of ice. But the driveway is mostly level so if you go slow it's doable either walking or driving. It's also great practice for the 17 year olds that drive here for band! Today, I stopped at the foot of the driveway to get the mail. This is the view looking out onto Stage Road.

As I was walking back I heard this strange sound. I am one of these people that notice every sound especially, if it has to do with my car (which incidentally is haunted, as the electronic locks opened and closed 6 times in quick succession once I parked in the garage, just like something out of a horror movie.) I looked towards the back end of the car where the sound was coming from and heard a tick tick type of sound. That's when I noticed the back wheels sliding over towards me! Yikes! The car was moving and I wasn't in it!! What's more it was sliding towards me! I dashed for the driver's side, hopped in and regained control. Whew. That was very weird.

I figured that since I was snapping pics I'd show you the rest of the driveway. This is looking in from Stage Road, down the driveway to the trees where it does an S, then heads on up to the house. If you look to the right of the dog, that's a car trap. Many cars slide off there.

I threw in the above photo of the pond for good measure. It is still frozen except where the water is moving. Ice skating possibilities still exist.

This is the outflow pipe in the pond, currently sucking down a huge amount of water. If this gets blocked, we have problems. That screen is our beaver abatement system. They like to try and stuff the pipe.

When the snow, melts it's also a good opportunity to see how much of the yard I dug up with the plow!