Monday, February 11, 2008

Amazing Determination and a Well Behaved Horse

This is incredible. I think it's Karen O'Connor who has been on Team USA for three day eventing in years past and is one of the best in the world at this event. Look at her determination, not to mention her strength. And the horse doesn't take a step while she is struggling. They don't miss a beat and take the next jump almost immediately. If she had fallen I think she would have been eliminated or penalized. I'm not sure of the rules anymore. A million years ago I rode in one of these. It was downright scary. This is what Christopher Reeve was doing when he fell and injured himself. The risk is the speed and that fact that the jumps don't move if they are hit. If you've ever watched a cross country event on TV you will notice that the horse's legs and bellies are greased to help them slide over the jumps if they make contact. I can never get enough of theses videos but I can't find any good links. Most of the stuff on YouTube is either a bunch of photos run together or terrible quality videos. If anyone knows of any, please share.

Even if you aren't into horses you will still appreciate the sheer will power of this rider.