Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sun For a Moment

The sun is shining brightly! This is so exciting as I had started to forget what it looked like. Seriously, there has been no sun for a long time, so it was a welcome sight, streaming in through the windows this morning. I think it's short lived however as the clouds are moving in as I type and along with them comes the wind and a cold front.

Yesterday we updated an AED for someone via the computer. An AED is a medical device with a built-in heart rhythm analyzer.

It checks the victim’s heart rhythm and detects an abnormal heart rhythm which needs defibrillation (electric shock). AED's are real life savers and I found out that Daniel learned how to use one as part of his lifesaving course. This is great! Every school in New York is required to have one and if you remember, my husband. Tom saved a life with one last year. I think that was one of my most commented posts but unfortunately you won't see them because of my switch to Haloscan comments.

And this morning Daniel made a lovely, albeit calorie laden breakfast. He makes the best home fries I've ever had, even better than his dad, and the bacon was excellent.