Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Many years ago I had watched a few episodes of Connections on TLC. It's an excellent series about how technology began and how it is all connected. It's really quite fascinating and if you have an inquiring mind and haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. I have been meaning to watch all of the episodes for years and I finally started today by watching episode one. I believe they are all on YouTube but each episode is divided into parts. I have made it easy for you by favoriting all 5 parts of Episode 1. So load 'em up and enjoy! (If that link doesn't work I am onaplake in Youtube and just go to My favorites).

Here's the Wiki entry: Connections was a ten-episode documentary television series created and narrated by science historian James Burke. The series was produced and directed by Mick Jackson of the BBC Science & Features Department and first aired in 1978. It took an interdisciplinary approach to the history of science and invention and demonstrates how various discoveries, scientific achievements, and historical world events built off one another in an interconnected way to bring about particular aspects of modern technology. The series is well-known for Burke's impeccable narration (especially its dry humour), historical reenactments, intricate working models, skillful use of classical music (most notably Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi, or "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana), and shots on location as far afield as Penang (Malaysia). The popular success of the series led to two sequels, Connections² in 1994, and Connections³ in 1997, both produced for TLC